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    Welcome to The Paw Place! This is a NSFW, Furry blog about my Paw Fetish. Most if not all submitted or reblogged posts will be gay, so be warned. If something up here belongs to you and you don't wish to have it up, just send me a message!

  1. tigerlickspaw:

Veleon & Harvex - by Flynx-Flink


    Veleon & Harvex - by Flynx-Flink

  2. Go check her on on FA =3 got some sweet stuff

    Go check her on on FA =3 got some sweet stuff


  3. Yeah, for now I’m not going to continue the bits of rp through asks. I didn’t mind it, but I’ve had some followers express their dislike for it. Again if you want, I have various forms of communication outside of tumblr, just check my page.

  4. Anonymous said: Hey Setsuna wanna lick my feet, *takes off my shoes and socks and wiggles my toes*

    Uhh, yes! Can’t believe it took someone this long to offer me theirs!

  5. Anonymous said: Wanna hear a foot story I have from a friend?


  6. askthewanderingriolu said: The best part of the paws is the scent, to me! o///o Because there can be so many different scents besides a regular musky paw scent~ >////< ...What do yours smell like I wonder? >////>

    I wish I could just share it with everyone, I’m really bad at describing my “brand” as I like to call it.

  7. Anonymous said: Sticks my muzzle at the base of your toes and inhales your paw scent. Mmm... sexy wolf paws! *licks*

    *wiggles my toes* heh, like my scent huh? *grin*

  8. Anonymous said: What is your favorite part to lick on the foot


  9. Anonymous said: What are Setsunas feelings on paws and feet compared to you

    we share the same intense love X)

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